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AV:Link VGA to HDMI Video Converter With Audio

AV:Link VGA to HDMI Video Converter With Audio

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An adaptor lead kit converting a standard VGA plug and 3.5mm audio to an HDMI socket. Ideal for sending analogue audio and video signals from PCs and laptops to HDMI-compatible TVs, projectors and monitors (additional HDMI cable required). The kit also comes with a Micro USB cable to provide the additional power needed to upgrade the analogue signals to High Definition.

  • Converts standard analogue audio/visual signals to high defintion
  • Kit includes micro USB power cable
  • Full HD 1080p compatible
  • Max. resolution; 1080p
  • Cable length; 15cm
  • Dimensions; 260 x 40 x 15mm
  • Weight; 50g
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