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USB 2.0 60W Type-C to Micro-B Cable

USB 2.0 60W Type-C to Micro-B Cable

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Designed to work at the USB2.0 specification. They feature the USB2.0 type Micro B connector often found in older phones and devices. The cables are useful for connecting older USB2.0 devices to modern computers with only a USB Type C socket.

(Can be used to transfer files between mobile devices such as Samsung Smart Switch)

  • Connector 1: Type C (Male)
  • Connector 2: USB2.0 Micro B (Male)
  • 1m Length: 24/32 AWG
  • 2m Length: 22/30 AWG
  • 3m Length: 23/28 AWG
  • Supports up to 3A 20V (60W)


Customer Notice; This item is only available at the The Electronics Hub Online and is not available to purchase in store.

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