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Mercury 45W Step-Down Voltage Converter 230V - 110V

Mercury 45W Step-Down Voltage Converter 230V - 110V

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Compact sized plug-in power supply allowing 110 - 120Vac USA electrical equipment to be powered from a 230 - 240Vac UK mains outlet.

  • Ideal for use with low powered devices from the US in the UK that are under 45W, such as LED lights and small LED TV's up to 45W power consumption
  • Compact and portable design
  • Conforms to BS1363 clause 12
  • Not suitable for devices over 45W, this includes hair dryers, straighteners, kettles or fridges
  • Power supply; 230Vac, 50Hz
  • Power max; 45W
  • Output voltage; 110Vac
  • Dimensions; 88 x 62 x 60mm
  • Weight; 445g

Customer Notice; Please check to make sure your devices support 230Vac @ 50Hz

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