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Thomson ROC1128SAM Replacement TV Remote Control For Samsung

Thomson ROC1128SAM Replacement TV Remote Control For Samsung

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Universal 1:1 replacement infra-red remote control for Samsung TVs with the functions of the original remote control. Ready for instant use as the code is already present for the most common Samsung televisions. Further codes adjustable for less common Samsung models. Manufacturer-specific special keys. Including learning function to teach further functions. With SIMPLE mode function: the range of functions on this remote control can be restricted to key functions, preventing TV settings from being accidentally modified. This is a useful feature for hotels or the elderly, for example. Ergonomic main buttons (volume control and channel selection) Luminescent buttons (number pad and main buttons light up). Function LED. Total of 52 buttons.

Universal Samsung Replacement Remote Control
2 x AAA Micro Batteries
Instructions For Use With List Of Codes
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