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The Yellow Arrow Kit

The Yellow Arrow Kit

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Struggling to show directions clearly? The Yellow Arrow by MitchElectronics is a kit that will always point the way! Perfect for beginners.

When it comes to following directions, some really do struggle, whether it’s because they simply can’t be bothered to read signage or are genuinely clueless. The Yellow Arrow can help with these situations as it lets you build a large yellow arrow that lights up very well in both day and night, making directions completely obvious. 

This kit can be powered with a PP3 9V battery, but can also be connected to other MitchElectronic circuits (along with an appropriate driver), for creating interesting effects (such as a flashing arrow if used with the 555 Astable and power amplifier).

Product specifics

  • Component Count: 27
  • Battery Powered: Yes – PP3 9V
  • Operating Voltage: 6V to 12V
  • Operating Frequency: N/A
  • Dimensions (PCB): 63mm x 45mm
  • Mounting Holes: No
  • Prebuilt: No – Kit form
  • Batteries Not Included

Included in this kit

  • 20 x 3mm Yellow LED
  • 7 x 470Ω Resistor
  • 1 x PP3 Connector


The Yellow Arrow is ideal for applications that need to signal clear directions, such as controlling pedestrian traffic. At the same time, The Yellow Arrow can also be used as an indicator for push bikes and scooters but cannot be used in road-safety applications or applications where certifications are required (such as cars). Overall, The Yellow Arrow is an excellent project for those needing an arrow display that is controlled by an external power source.


Note that product specifics such as output frequency depend on the tolerance of the components. The numbers provided here are an approximation only.

All parts sold by MitchElectronics are compliant with RoHS and REACH directives which ensure that they can be used in commercial environments as well as complying with environmental laws.

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