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Simple Power Supply Kit

Simple Power Supply Kit

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The simple power supply by MitchElectronics is the power kit for you providing 5V, -9V, and 3.3V all from a single 9V battery. Excellent project for beginners and learners alike!

While power sources such as 9V and AA batteries can be used to power some kits directly not every kit can handle these unregulated voltages. For example, any kit with an active buzzer requires a 5V source and some other kits (such as the M602 Door Bell) can only handle up to 4V! Generating these voltages can be cumbersome and any project that requires more than a single 5V source may prove challenging. This is where the Simple Power Supply comes in! This kit is directly powered from a 9V battery and provides many different outputs including 

  • 9V Out
  • -9V (approx)
  • 5V Out
  • 3.3V Out

This kit generates the 3.3V with the use of the AMS1117 which is an SMD part. However, this is a very easy component to solder (arguably one of the easiest SMD parts to solder) and can provide great soldering practice for surface mount devices!

Product specifics

  • Component Count: 42
  • Battery Powered?: Yes, 9V PP3
  • Operating Voltage: 7V to 16V
  • Operating Frequency: N/A
  • Output Voltage: 9V, -9V, 5V, 3.3V
  • Output Current: 100mA all rails except -9V
  • Dimensions (PCB) : 59mm x 43mm
  • Mounting Holes: Yes
  • Prebuilt: No – Kit form
  • Batteries Not Included

Included in this kit

  • 1 x 8 DIP Socket
  • 1 x 555
  • 1 x 2N3904
  • 1 x 2N3906
  • 1 x 7805
  • 1 x AMS1117
  • 1 x 100R Resistor
  • 4 x 1K Resistors
  • 1 x 100K Resistor
  • 1 x 1nF Capacitor
  • 7 x 100nF Capacitors
  • 3 x 100uF Capacitors
  • 1 x 470uF Capacitor
  • 5 x 1N5817 Diodes
  • 3 x Green LEDs
  • 1 x Small Slide Switch
  • 3 x Red Wire
  • 1 x Blue Wire
  • 3 x Black Wire
  • 1 x PP3 Connector
  • 1 x PCB


The Simple Power Supply is an ideal first kit to get if other MitchElectronics kits are to be used (as many other kits require a 5V or 3V source). The Simple Power Supply is also ideal for students who need to practice soldering as well as understand how power circuits work. Furthermore, the mounting holes on the Simple Power Supply combined with the various outputs makes this kit ideal for use with DT projects that combine multiple elements including circuit construction, enclosure design, and crafting in order to create a small safe power supply.


Note that product specifics such as output frequency depend on the tolerance of the components. The numbers provided here are an approximation only.

All parts sold by MitchElectronics are compliant with RoHS and REACH directives which ensure that they can be used in commercial environments as well as complying with environmental laws.


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