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NU-X Mighty 8BT MKII Guitar Amplifier

NU-X Mighty 8BT MKII Guitar Amplifier

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Mighty 8BT mkII is part of the new generation of Mighty amplifiers from NU-X, bringing cutting edge modelling and programming flexibility to the practice amplifier format. Powered by the included 12V power adaptor or alternatively using 8 x AA size batteries for portable operation. The uncomplicated input section deceptively borrows from the cutting edge Mighty Plug series to deliver 7 programmable preset sounds, which are accessible using a single channel select button. Choose from a wide palette of amplifier models with preset IR (impulse response) speaker cabinet models and 18 slots for user loadable IRs. Add to this a full compliment of modulation, delay and reverb effects, which can be selected and incorporated into each preset using either the Mighty Editor­™ PC/Mac software or MightyAmp mobile app for iOS or Android (all free to download from All inputs are fed to the internal FRFR powered speaker for flat, uncoloured rendering of the amplifier and effect models. A mic input is also included with a dedicated reverb send for vocals, perfect for practice and for buskers. A built-in drum machine is controlled by a simple but intuitive tap tempo/style button and rotary volume control. Aux in and headphone out complete the control panel to provide a multi-purpose jamming and recording amp for guitar players of all genres.

  • Powered by 12Vdc adaptor or 8 x AA batteries (optional)
  • Bluetooth mobile app control and music streaming
  • USB for PC/Mac editing or as a recording interface (ASIO driver free to download)
  • Mighty Editor (PC/Mac) and MightyAmp (iOS, Android) downloadable from
  • 18 user loadable IR slots
  • Digital modulation, delay and reverb effects
  • Dedicated microphone input
  • Power supply; 12Vdc adaptor or 8 x AA batteries (optional)
  • Output power @ 4 Ohms; 8W
  • Speaker; 165mmØ (6.5") 4 Ohm full-range 10W
  • Preamp; Digitally modelled amplifier + IR + FX (up to 7 presets)
  • Input level; Guitar: -10dBu, Mic: -40dBu, Aux: -10dBu
  • Phones output; 3.5mm stereo jack (250+250mW)
  • Dimensions; 240 x 220 x 166mm
  • Weight; 2.6kg


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