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NU-X Cerberus Pedal

NU-X Cerberus Pedal

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Cerberus is a fully integrated multi-effect pedal with independent analog preamp section and digital spatial effects. Drive, modulation, delay and reverb effect blocks each have full rotary controls for on-the-fly parameter adjustment and all settings can be stored into user patches and recalled at will. In live mode, each effect block can be switched in or out as needed or in preset mode, the footswitches recall stored patches in banks of four. Cerberus has comprehensive inputs and outputs enabling pro setups such as expression inputs, 4-cable method wiring and MIDI control. When using DI connection to a PA system, recording suite or FRFR speaker, Cerberus can be set to use the inbuilt speaker emulation with IR loader for a custom cabinet profile. Built for the stage with easy-to-use controls and a super rugged die-cast housing, this is a neat solution for live and recording guitar and bass players in almost any performance scenario.

  • Full control via knobs without additional menu
  • Sixteen effects
  • Analog overdrive & distortion circuits
  • Full midi implementation
  • 2 exclusive pedals in 1 board
  • Ultra-low latency (In to Out 0.68ms-2.04ms)
  • Software editor and upgrades via USB
  • True bypass (OD/DIST Module)
  • 88.2khz/32bit AD/DA converter & processing
  • Powered external power supply (not included)

Recommended Power Supply Item Code: DSV-173290


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