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Logic Board Kit

Logic Board Kit

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The Logic Board by MitchElectronics is an excellent kit for those learning about the different logic gates in the 4000 series of ICs. Test AND, NAND, NOR, OR, and XOR gates.

The Board is a educational kit that let’s you build a general circuit capable of working with five different 4000 series chips. Each of these chips have the same pinout but contain different logic gates, including AND, NAND, NOR, OR, and XOR. By combining five chips into a single reusable circuit, the kit is small and low-cost, making it excellent for use in classrooms. Furthermore, as this kit has all the inputs and outputs of each sub-circuit connected to wire connectors on the edge of the board, multiple Logic Boards can be combined to create unique circuits.

Product specifics

  • Component Count: 26
  • Battery Powered: Yes
  • Operating Voltage: 3V – 9V
  • Operating Frequency: N/A
  • Dimensions (PCB): 42mm x 39mm
  • Mounting Holes: Yes – 4 x M4 (38mm x 35mm)
  • Prebuilt: No – Kit form
  • Batteries Not Included

Included in this kit

  • 1 x 14 DIP Socket
  • 1 x 100nF Capacitor
  • 9 x 1K Resistor
  • 6 x 3mm Red LED
  • 3 x Tactile Switch
  • 1 x 4001
  • 1 x 4070
  • 1 x 4071
  • 1 x 4081
  • 1 x 4093
  • 1 x PP3 Connector


The Logic Board is an excellent kit for teaching about how logic gates work as well as how to use the 4000 series ICs. The use of integrated buttons allows for students to practice using logic gates, while the combinational circuit built into the board allows for experimentation with developing truth tables. As the kit has inputs and outputs on the edges of the board, it can be expanded with other kits to create more elaborate projects, such as alarm circuits, timers, and logic controllers. Finally, as this kit comes in parts, the Logic Board not only provide students with an interactive device to learn about logic gates, but provides solder practice too.


Note that product specifics such as output frequency depend on the tolerance of the components. The numbers provided here are an approximation only.

All parts sold by MitchElectronics are compliant with RoHS and REACH directives which ensure that they can be used in commercial environments as well as complying with environmental laws.


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