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EKSA E5000PRO StarEngine Pro Gaming Headset For PC / MAC / PS5 / PS4 / XBOX / SWITCH / Mobile

EKSA E5000PRO StarEngine Pro Gaming Headset For PC / MAC / PS5 / PS4 / XBOX / SWITCH / Mobile

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  • Unique Sci-Fi Design
  • EKSA 7.1 SoundBase
  • EKSA VoicePure ENC
  • EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers
  • All-Platform Play
  • Contour to Fit
  • EKSA CloudSoft Ear Cushions
  • Switchable 7.1 Surround
  • Effortless Sound Control


Unique Sci-Fi Design

The stylish headset creates a lifelike experience, immersing you in the game world, ensuring optimal performance and excitement.

EKSA 7.1 SoundBase

Experience the latest tech with powerful bass, precise audio, and immersive soundscape with EKSA SoundBase Software. This gaming headset offers a tactical advantage, detecting even faint sounds to prevent sneak attacks in-game.

EKSA VoicePure ENC

Immerse in distraction-free gaming with EKSA VoicePure Tech. Its DUAL-MIC System detects ambient sounds and voices. AI-Powered ENC suppresses up to 99.8% noise, enhancing in-game communication for lifelike audio.

EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers

Separate chambers for bass and mids/highs with EKSA DualPro Channel tuning, reducing distortion and enhancing sound clarity to gamers' advantage.

All-Platform Play

Enjoy seamless gameplay with 3 detachable audio cables in wired mode. Easy plug-and-play connects to any platform, for thrilling gaming.

EKSA CloudSoft Ear Cushions

The generously sized EKSA CloudSoft Ear Cushions envelop the ears comfortably, ensuring a snug fit without any discomfort or pressure.

Switchable 7.1 Surround

Conveniently enjoy 7.1 surround sound gaming or stereo sound music world with the press of a button. Nothing gets better than this!

Effortless Sound Control

Use the volume control wheel or mute mic button on the ear cup to start your game or music journey easily. Effortlessly manage the sound to meet your desired needs.

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